Monday 31 December 2012

why did i decide to do this project?

last february caroline buijs 
from flow magazine contacted me 
to ask that question and this 
is what i replied...

 A few months ago my older son left 
 home to go to university and alongside 
the happiness and pride I felt 
 was an incredible sense of loss. 

I miss him. 

I keep trying to remember all those 
funny little things I'd told myself 
 over the years I didn't need to record 
because they were so amazing I'd 
never forget.......but somehow they 
are just gone. 

I decided I should document the 
contents of Charlie's pockets because 
it tells me something more about him, 
they are beautiful in a way, and 
 at that moment in time, special to him. 

 And I know now I can't trust my memory.

day 364


  1. I've loved it.
    Your reasons are moving and honest and inspire me to try to work harder at documenting moments before they are faded memories.
    Thank You.

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