Thursday 11 October 2012

or probably not

day 281


  1. Just discovered you via shorties. This is such a fun concept. I'm curious though – is Charlie aware you photograph the contents of his pockets? And are his pockets ever empty? I hope you don't mind me asking.

    1. hello!
      thank you for your comment. yes charlie does know! at first he didn't know that i had been secretly photographing and storing stuff, but then as soon as i started the blog i told him and he was totally fine about it. still is.

      i started the blog after my older son moved away to go to university. i missed him so much, and thought a lot about how quickly eighteen years had gone by, and about all those funny little things he did that i thought i'd remember forever but seemed so vague now. i decided to pre-empt my next inevitable memory loss by recording something very ordinary but also somehow very special about charlie.

      he's eleven now and things change, obviously. he doesn't seem to pick up so much stuff now, or he picks up things that are SO big they don't fit in his pockets. but he is ALWAYS drawing. a lot of drawings end up in his pocket but if his pockets are empty i'll put up one of his drawings !